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Who Needs An Austin Public Relations Specialist?

An organization’s reputation, branding, profitability, growth, and future success depend on how effectively they reach and motivate their targeted audiences. Public relations specialists are communication and media professionals acting as advocates for businesses, hospitals, medical professionals, corporations, universities, nonprofit associations, and other organizations. Their specialty is building and promoting positive relationships with targeted audiences for their clients.

Entrepreneurs, professional service providers, small business owners, and business managers are increasingly looking to Public Relations Specialists for assistance with strategic planning.

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What does a Public Relations Specialist do?

PR Professionals or firms handling publicity for individuals or small organizations often deal with all aspects of the job. They are in involved in making and maintaining contacts and relationships, strategizing and planning, and preparation of promotional materials. They either manage or are directly involved in advertising or sales promotional work in support of marketing.

Depending on the organization’s needs, PR Specialists are involved with the following:

  • Media relations
  • Press Releases
  • Press Conferences
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Media Tours
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Interview Preparation and Coaching
  • Governmental Relations
  • Employee Relations
  • Investor Relations
  • Reputation Management
  • Crisis Management & Communications

The Public Relations Process

There are a number of widely accepted “Public Relations Process Models”. One of the more popular is the process model by Sheila C. Crifasi (2000) which uses the acronym “ROSIE” to define a five-step process of “Research, Objectives, Strategies, Implementation, and Evaluation.

As with just about any professional service, the project starts with some due-diligence and analysis. Objectives are defined along with the strategies to achieve those goals. Media tools are selected and prepared at this stage. Implementation includes materials preparation and release. Program success or failure is determined in the Evaluation stage.

In recent years the Internet has greatly contributed to the selection and accessibility of media tools with real-time feedback. These tools are highly prized by marketing and public relations professionals because they provide immediate information on a program’s effectiveness.

The principal instrument for most publicity campaigns is the “press release”, which provides the mass media with the raw material and background for a news story. There are several on-line Press Release Agencies with targeted syndicated feeds to thousands of journalists worldwide, such as PRWeb ( The better on-line Press Agents provide the original publicist with continual “real-time” feedback, including how many journalists have read the News Release.

The client organization’s website statistics is another valuable online analytical tool. Most website hosting companies provide options for access to a detailed statistical tool such as WebTrends ( Statistics are updated on a daily basis allowing trends to be spotted at the beginning of a publicity campaign. This near real-time feedback helps provide the necessary information required by professionals to effectively manage a campaign while maximizing impact and ROI (Return on Investment).

Another popular publicity tool is “article submission”. As with the Press Release, there are also good sources for targeted and syndicated Article Submission on the Internet such as GoArticles ( These articles are often picked up by other websites generating valuable links and targeted traffic to a client’s website.

Selecting an Austin PR Firm

When choosing a PR Firm an organization is selecting the professionals who will be molding its image for clients and customers, the public and for the media. Image is a reality in many societies, this decision can have far-reaching effects.

Here are some suggestions on how to select a PR Firm:

  • Determine your most important PR needs. For Example; Are you launching a new product or service? Are you in a crisis management situation? Do you need to establish a relationship with investors?
  • Determine how long you will need the PR services if possible. Is it a long term or even permanent goal such as establishing and maintaining a relationship with investors, or is it a short term project such as promoting a breakthrough surgical procedure? Remember most PR Firms will ask for at least a 6-month commitment in order to become established and demonstrate affectivity.
  • Research PR Firms. Ask colleagues and business acquaintances? O’Dwyer’s Directory is a good Internet resource. If you are looking for someone local, specify the geographical region in your Internet search. Many PR Firms and Individuals specialize. When doing Internet research on PR Firms, some may have “Case Studies” which reveal details about strategic successes.
  • Conduct phone interviews with the person who would be handling the account if you were to select that agency. Strongly consider a similar experience and personal or corporate compatibility throughout the phone and in face to face interviews.
  • Ask for and check references. Most PR Firms have an on-line presence which usually sports a client list. New or Small Firms will often be less expensive than larger firms have more resources to throw at a large project with time constraints. Smaller firms tend to specialize and may know your business very well.
  • Conduct meetings with prospective candidates and present your program requirements. Look for the genuine interest and healthy idea generation. Larger Firms may send an account representative to a meeting. Ask to meet with the PR specialist who will actually be doing the work, especially if long term compatibility is important.

The Escalating Demand for Corporate Accountability

The need for professional public relations in an increasingly competitive business environment is igniting demand for Public Relations Specialists by businesses, organizations, and institutions of all sizes. The value of a company is measured by its balance sheet, but continued success is determined by the quality of its public visibility.

The escalating public, investor and governmental demand for corporate accountability will continue to place emphasis on building public confidence and favorable client image, which are best managed by Public Relations Professionals.

Guaranteed Publicity In Just 10 Business Days!

The story is everything. Without this important foundation, a proper image cannot be crafted and given to the public. Not everyone leads the life of a superhero, but everyone has something that defines them. It is the media expert’s job to discover this characteristic and put it to as good a use as possible. Intuition and experience play a role, but research and numbers are trustworthy guides, as well.

Getting Publicity in Austin

There is a big misunderstanding in the Public Relations world today. That is: That you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to gain National publicity. While some PR firms may deliver significant results, the reality is that in most cases clients are grossly overpaying for it. That’s where our Austin Public Relations Firm comes in.

Our expert writers have the industry know-how and proper connections – to get you the publicity that you deserve. 10 Day Publicity is attainable; it’s not some myth. You don’t need to be a bigwig to attract Publicity. What you need are seasoned PR professionals that know how to make your image shine in the eyes of mainstream media.

We Do It For You

How is this accomplished, you ask? Upon placing an order with Austin Publicity, our teams of experts go to work to create Eye-grabbing headlines to secure your coverage. We identify your market sectors and demographics. We harness the power of compelling press releases and media to publish your news to the masses. Imagine being featured in major news mediums like Forbes or MSNBC, Yahoo, Entrepreneur, Fox News, or Business Week.

Why Publicity?

Getting publicity on a regular basis shows your customers and prospects that you are serious about your business. Getting found on the internet is the difference between winning or losing in business. By getting positive, education-based publicity about your company ranked highly on the search engines, your company gains an incredible advantage. Since 95% of customers do NOT go past page one while searching for something they want, can you really afford NOT to be on page one? AustinPublicity is one of the first companies to unleash Hybrid SEO/PR/SM.

This is Search Engine Marketing with Public Relations, Social Media and Video Marketing. By combining this powerful hybrid of marketing weapons, you are positioned to not only rank at the top of the search engines but rank there in style that attracts new prospects and drives targeted, organic traffic in your direction that continues to grow over time, as you earmark prime pieces of web 2.0 real estate.

Every public relations project begins with a consultation. Both parties grow familiar with each other and how the process will unfold. Then a campaign is launched utilizing the full spectrum of marketing and advertising options in the known media universe. A reputable firm like Austin Publicity accrues profits from years of managing cultural capital with hard work and diligence and passes these profits on to their clients.

Austin PR Firm

Our company is a full-service public relations and marketing company that works on behalf of a diverse clientele. We have a proven track record of successful results for businesses and organizations throughout the United States. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about public relations and our company. A commitment to public relations is one of the wisest choices a company can make to ensure its growth.

Public Relations is the fine art of getting media persons such as newspaper writers and radio personalities to give credibility to a business or an organization by letting them endorse your special events, business practices and the unique characteristics that make your company stand out. Public Relations is said to be at least 10 times more effective to potential customers and donors than paid advertisements.

  • We have worked on behalf of businesses such as boutique retail shops, restaurants, authors, musicians and children’s enrichment programs.
  • We have also worked with a variety of non-profit organizations such as charity benefit concerts, animal rescue groups, radio stations, and arts groups
  • We help each client enhance their image and generate positive news about their products and services.
  • We specialize in statewide and regionally focused media campaigns on behalf of businesses and organizations throughout the Central Texas area and across the United States.
  • We offer long and short-term public relations campaigns that include any of the following services: press release writing, media placement, brochure, corporate material, website writing & feature writing, press conference planning, media training, community outreach campaigns, and special events planning.

The Power of the Press Release

Think about the power to draw in your target market. Indeed, the media is very powerful when you know how to turn it to your advantage. The online organic value of press releases will never die. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to get your name out on a national scale, and really put your business in the spotlight.

Fortune 500 companies have been doing it for decades. Now it’s your turn. Our Austin PR experts get you there FAST. We provide your company with guaranteed national exposure in just 10 business days or less! Guaranteed or your money back. No questions asked.

Austin Digital Marketing

Having a website is not enough.  Your site must be found by search engines and deliver an on-target marketing message within a few seconds or minutes. To do this, you must have a successful site combining proper website design with targeted internet marketing. We can create this relationship and deliver a successful, successful site presence.  Contact us for a free analysis of where you need to begin to achieve a website that sells.

Complete Publicity Package

The Complete Publicity Package offers our clientele the ability to have all facets of their paid advertising as well as their public relations campaign managed by Austin Publicity. We participate in the entire advertising process, providing guidance in the selection of media for ad placements. We inform our clients which newspapers, magazines, radio, television or Internet media outlets are the most influential, will reach their target audience and provide the most value per dollar. In addition, we would execute special events and a public relations campaign to compliment the advertising placements, obtaining the optimal results for our clients.


Private and public workshops on public relations and marketing topics such as publicity for non-profits, publicity for the arts, building a business relationship and capitalizing of word-of-mouth publicity.


Every public relations project begins with a consultation. Both parties grow familiar with each other and how the process will unfold. Then a campaign is launched utilizing the full spectrum of marketing and advertising options in the known media universe. A reputable firm like Austin Publicity accrues profits from years of managing cultural capital with hard work and diligence and passes these profits on to their clients.  Give direction and attainable goals to businesses and organizations unsure of how to best succeed as their own publicity team at an affordable cost.

Establish a story today with the help of Austin Publicity’s team of media experts. They provide coaching, guidance, and know how to grow their client’s business. Land the hottest TV appearances, schedule the most evocative interviews, and get the most effective advertisement placements with a simple phone call today!