Austin Internet Marketing

Online advertising is a challenge for most Austin businesses with a combination of successful campaigns, extensive failures and loads of wasted resources. Many times it is not how much capital a company infuses into a campaign, but how creatively they use it that will make the difference in their company’s ability to attract new business. Search engine marketing is one of the most innovative and creative marketing strategies available. It slowly builds a customer base from relevant web consumers, naturally sustaining increased traffic flow to your site over the long-term.

Search engine marketing reworks your website to align with the algorithms of search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing, lifting your website to the higher ranks of their results pages. This is an ideal marketing strategy for businesses large and small with all kinds of budgets, for you can choose specific keywords that fit your financial plan. For example, if you are a masseuse in Austin, you can target the keywords ‘downtown Austin massage’ which would be more affordable than ‘Austin massage’. Because it is more specific it is more affordable, but it also responds to an audience who is actively searching for a specific business like yours. As your business expands and your reach extends to new markets, you can start to invest more money into advertising and eventually compete with larger keywords; nothing is off limits.

However, managing search engine marketing in Austin is no simplistic feat; the algorithms are constantly transforming. We have a proven track record of bringing increased traffic to sites using search engine marketing. Working concurrently with an experienced and well-known search engine marketing company boasting knowledge and passion will ensure your website will increase its online visibility over the long-term. By hiring a competitive search engine marketing company you can get creative and stay ahead of the game, and will be in prime position to expand and grow your Austin business to its peak potential.

Without a doubt, the best way to increase your traffic long term, which will in turn increase your sales long term, is to increase your search engine rankings with search engine optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While search engine optimization will get your website ranking high in the search engine results, it also helps you accomplish a whole lot more. High rankings build the trust of your target audience.

Think about it, if Google thinks your website is worthy of a page one ranking, your prospects will gain instant trust in your business.

We break our search engine optimization services down into different areas that provide high search engine visibility.

On-page SEO

Onsite search engine optimization involves adjusting your actual website so the search engines can easily read and index it. By doing so, we ensure the search engines can easily determine what your website is about, automatically boosting your rankings.

This part of our search engine optimization services includes optimizing the title, description, navigation, interlinking, content, anchor text, and keywords of your website. During this phase, we also examine your website’s coding and robots.txt file, and we develop a sitemap that gives the search engines a clear roadmap to follow when reading and indexing your website.

Off-page SEO

Offsite search engine optimization increases the authority and popularity of your website through link building.

When determining the order of the search engine rankings, the search engines factor in the authority and popularity of your website. By increasing the number of inbound links pointing to your website, the search engines will increase your rankings due to your new increased authority and popularity.

We also offer several other SEO services that can boost your rankings and improve your online visibility, including article marketing, building microsites, and much more.

Ready For Page One Rankings?

If you’re ready to get started dominating the search engine results for your keywords, we are ready to help.

The first step is to call us toll free at # for a free no obligation 30 minute SEO consultation. It just takes one simple free phone call for you to see the outstanding results you can achieve with SEO.

Social Media Marketing

What’s the newest marketing method that’s all the rage these days? Without a doubt, it’s social media marketing. This includes using social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others to connect with prospects like never before.

So is social marketing just hype? Will it help your business? The answer is yes, but only if your business fits into the social media world mindset.

Surprised I didn’t say social marketing will work like gangbusters for any type of business? Unfortunately, it doesn’t, but the good news is it works for more businesses than it doesn’t work for.

All About Relationships

If social marketing is a good fit for your business, we can implement a number of strategies that can help you connect with friends, followers, fans, and more.

  • Facebook – Fan pages and fans, groups and members
  • Twitter – Custom pages, custom tweets, building a large following
  • YouTube – Account creation, video creation video promotion, comment services

We can start you off with a following of thousands of people that will help you grow your fans and followers naturally, so your social media accounts build momentum quickly.

Other Social And Viral Services

Sending friend requests, posting tweets, and uploading videos aren’t the only ways to go about social media. We also specializes in viral social media services, including:

    • Viral podcast creation with a high volume of listeners
    • Viral blogging with a high volume of readers
    • App creation and development
    • Forums and community website creation

Interested In Social Marketing?

If your business is a good fit for social media marketing, it can be well worth your effort to give it a try. To learn more, give us a call toll free at # for a free no obligation 30 minute social media consultation.

Positive word of mouth about your business is a great way to ensure success. Make it easy on prospects and customers to spread the positive word about your business with social marketing.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

If you need to attract immediate traffic to your website, but don’t have the time to wait for search engine optimization or other advertising to kick in, pay per click (PPC) marketing is the easy answer.

Not only is pay per click marketing an excellent way to attract instant traffic to your website, it’s also ideal for tracking and split testing different offers you make on your website. This gives you the power to adjust your campaigns to success.

Creating Your PPC Campaign

Many business owners avoid pay per click marketing simply because they’ve either been burned in the past by paying a lot of money for little results, or they just don’t know how to create a pay per click campaign.

Whether you’re a business owner brand new to pay per click, you’ve had little success with pay per click, or are just seeking someone to take over management of your pay per click marketing campaigns, we have the experience to do it right.

Winning Pay Per Click Campaigns

We have in-depth experience creating effective pay per click marketing campaigns for businesses in a wide variety of industries. We know from experience that profitable campaigns all come down to three important factors.

  1. Tracking & Testing – You’ll never create a profitable pay per click marketing campaign unless you make tracking and testing a priority. You need to know which of your ads convert and which ads don’t, or else you’ll empty your bank account instead of making a huge profit.
  2. Quality Matters – Few business owners know this, but Google actually gives each pay per click ad and account holder a Google Quality Score. This is important because the better your score is, the less you will pay per click. You could be paying too much for clicks right now simply because you have a low Google Quality Score. We can fix that quick.
  3. The Right Keywords – If you target broad keywords like ‘pencils’ in your pay per click marketing campaigns, it’s no wonder you aren’t achieving any results. The right keywords matter because it makes all the difference in attracting the right prospects to your website.

We specialize in creating high quality pay per click campaigns with laser targeted keywords and tracking and testing that provides the information needed to adjust each campaign to success.

You Can Succeed With PPC

If you’re ready to learn more about pay per click marketing, you’re ready to implement your first campaign, or you need someone to help manage your PPC efforts, we would like to speak with you. Call us anytime toll free at # for a free no obligation 30 minute pay per click consultation.

With pay per click marketing, you’ll have ads that make your website a tremendous success.