Austin Marketing Consultant

Are you one of the many Austin businesses struggling to stay ahead of the game? Are you wondering how you can grow your business to the next level? If so, hiring a marketing consultant could be the answer to your business problems.

Even if your business is running smoothly currently, there’s always room to better your business. Examining your marketing yourself from the inside can’t always provide you with the information you need to achieve outstanding results like an outside marketing consultant can.

Consulting You Can Count On

Austin Publicity doesn’t just offer generic marketing consulting. We’re marketing experts. Instead of HOPING your marketing methods work, why not consult with Four Step Marketing to learn the marketing methods that WILL work for your business?

Incredible business success could be as easy as knowing you’re on the right track (or knowing how to get on the right track). This is exactly what marketing consulting can do for you.

We advise you to do more than just blindly throwing advertisements out there hoping to attract customers. We go the extra mile to target just the right prospects for your business in the right way.

Our clients typically see growth of more than 25% per year, with many reaching increased sales growth of more than 300% per year.

Stop guessing about your marketing and start profiting . Our proven system of powerful marketing steps can help you achieve amazing results.

Marketing Plan Consulting

Many business owners come to us unsure of even where to start with their marketing. They want to jump into marketing, but aren’t sure whether search engine optimization is best, direct mail is best, social media marketing is best, or if anything else is best.

In this situation, the place to start is with a detailed marketing plan. Just as when you’re taking a cross country journey by car, a roadmap also comes in handy when it comes to building your business.

Four Step Marketing has a straightforward marketing plan writing process. It starts with pre-consulting.


During pre-consulting we’ll listen to you talk about your business, ask you some questions, and then do some research that will help us determine the best possible answer to sales growth for your specific business.

Marketing Plan Writing

After pre-consulting, we’ll get to work writing your marketing plan. It will include the proven Four Step Marketing method as well as other marketing ideas that may be right for your business and your budget.

Post Consulting

After delivering your marketing plan, we’ll set up a post consulting session where we’ll thoroughly go over your marketing plan with you. We’ll also discuss whether you’d like Four Step Marketing to implement the steps recommended in your marketing plan, or whether your in house marketing department will put the plan into action for you.

Get Started On Your Plan Today

The first step is free, so call us today to learn more about how to get started on a marketing plan for your business. Give us a toll free call at # for a free 30 minute no obligation marketing plan consultation today. We’re eager to write a plan that gives you all the marketing tools and strategies to take your business straight to the top

Marketing Automation Planning

Wonder whether marketing automation planning can really help all that much in building your business? The answer is a wholehearted YES! It can. Let’s look at an example to illustrate how.

Let’s say you have actually done more in your business than the average business owner by collecting the contact information of prospects that had an interest in your products or services.

So you started a list, but what have you done with the list? Did you send emails, newsletters, direct mail letters, catalogs, and more regularly? Or did you just let your list sit idle?

If you did send follow up marketing to these prospects, did you do it manually? Did it take you hours and hours to address all of those postcards you sent out in your last mailing?

Well if you had marketing automation set up from the second you received a prospect’s contact information, you wouldn’t have to worry about any of this. Why? Because your follow up marketing would run practically on autopilot.

Marketing Automation Example

A prospect comes into your business to look at a big ticket item he’s interested in.

Your salesperson gets the prospect’s contact information in exchange for a free guide on what to look for when purchasing this big ticket item.

The salesperson enters the prospect’s contact information into the marketing automation system.

Marketing Automation Follow Up Begins

  • Day 1 – System automatically sends an email to the prospect thanking him for the visit.
  • Day 3 – Prospect receives a postcard that the system automatically printed, labeled, and put into day one’s outgoing mail.
  • Day 7 – Reminder pops up on salesperson’s computer screen that it’s been seven days since prospect visited store and it’s time to make a sales call.
  • Day 8 – System automatically sends another email to the prospect with a special discount offer.
  • Day 10 – The prospect goes back to the store with his email offer and purchases the big ticket item.

All Practically On Autopilot

By offering the prospect the free buyers guide in exchange for his contact information, you had the ideal opportunity to follow up with him practically on autopilot with marketing automation.

Without marketing automation, this prospect may not even have returned to the store to make the purchase. When he was ready to buy, he may have bought somewhere else.

The marketing automation follow up kept the store vividly in the prospect’s mind, and that lead to the store getting the sale.

Get Started With Automation

Marketing automation is a whole lot easier than you might think. With Four Step Marketing set up for you, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without marketing automation.

Want to learn more about marketing automation? Then give us a call toll free at # for a free 30 minute no obligation consultation.

Each day you don’t follow up with your prospects is a day you lose a sale to your competition. Make follow up easy with marketing automation from Four Step Marketing.