Austin Social Media Expert

What many marketers still don’t realize is that social media and search engines are built with many of the same properties. Essentially, Search Engines and Social Media outlets are the same. So when you blog on social media sites, you are accelerating your SEO efforts with a turbocharger. YOU choose your message, rather than relying upon old fashion, outdated and overpriced traditional methods of SEO. The new wave in Marketing is Social Media Syndication. You set up your own platform for syndication. It’s a powerhouse and is here now to be harnessed for your profits. There is a critical recipe for success in Social media and we have it for you ready to launch.


The fact of the matter is that social media outlets are the most powerful search engines on the planet. Can you really afford not to use them? YouTube is the second most powerful search engine on the planet, second only to Google. Why do you think that Google purchased YouTube?

Think of Social Media as a Tool, Not some overwhelming Phenomena just passing you by!

Much like Benadryl and Tylenol PM are built with essentially the same molecules, they are branded differently; one as a sleep-aid and one as allergy relief. Similarly, search engines are branded to build rank, whereas social media sites are branded for interactivity. But they both get you up on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other Search Engines. However, when you harness the power of both, it is pure explosive marketing power.

You now can strategically control your message, rather than relying upon algorithms and other, costly and time-consuming methods of garnering top rankings. You get the best that both worlds offer with 10 Day Publicity’s combination guerilla marketing attack. This multi-faceted approach results in a powerful SEO tool that works massively in your favor by delivering your message in streamlined fashion for top rankings faster.

Ask us about how to get your message turbocharged with the power of Social media today.