Austin Target Marketing

Target marketing has been around for decades but has really benefited from the information age. Thanks Internet! Information and statistics are available at the click of a button, but only a team of experts can turn that information into a gold mine. Without target marketing, a dollar spent is simply a wish and a prayer. With target marketing, a dollar spent is a strategic investment in the future.

Everyone thinks they know the most suitable market for their products. The answers seem obvious. Sell health snacks to moms, golf clubs to dads, and video games to kids. Piece of cake! But the obvious answer has one fatal flaw: everyone knows it. Solid target marketing goes beyond the obvious answer and digs deeper into the heart of consumer trends and prevalent cultural memes.

Social media has opened the door to personal opinions in ways Don Draper could only dream of. People wear their likes and dislikes on their sleeves every time they click on that tiny “thumbs up” icon. More and more, the digital realm has become ingrained into daily habits. Phones are never far from pockets or purses, laptops live in coffee shops, and even TVs have apps. How does one use all this information?

There are more outlets than ever for target advertising and it is important to know where the buck makes the most bang. A closed circuit airport network advertisement, airline advertisement, television advertisement, and a magazine advertisement are all options in a large scale marketing campaign.

Whether composing the next great journalism exposé, world economics editorial, or entertainment piece, there is a target market to be capitalized on. Give Austin  Publicity of central Texas, a chance to prove their worth and consumer knowledge!