“Freebie Seekers” – Are They A Lost Cause?

I wasn’t planning to write a blog post today, but a friend shared some thoughts, and I replied. My reply was quite long, so I thought that I might make a blog post out of it, especially since this issue has been on my mind for a while.

Here it goes:

“I disagree with people calling others ‘freebie seekers’, even though I have occasionally used this word myself. I think that it is a chicken and egg situation. Of course, there will always be people who will want something for nothing. Don’t we all though? A lot of them will buy at some stage, they just won’t buy much – for a number of reasons. Maybe limited or no funds, or not believing that it would work, or just simply not wanting to spend money, and believing that they can get educated for free.

On the other part of the scale we have product junkies – I have been one too, as I am sure many others. No better than a freebie seeker, and as much, or even more manipulated by opportunistic marketers inventing their “push-button” solutions. Well, the market will respond to a demand, and in the IM niche, the demand is for a quick solution to money problems, with not much or even no work or time invested. The reason I have called it a “chicken and egg” situation is because both sides of this situation are to blame for creating it.

It feeds on basic instincts of human greed and laziness. These instincts are exploited in some circles of the IM niche to the full. I am sure that we have all come across products which aim to provide a quick solution to the market’s need for a quick buck – the so-called “push-button techniques”. So many people end up with countless products which are useless. As for “freebie seekers” – I believe that they have been created by an over-supply of free offers and bonuses. The market has been well-trained to expect something for nothing, and some people go as far as to expect everything for nothing, for the reasons I have already mentioned. So to call them ‘freebie seekers’ is I believe a bit hypocritical. They are just taking what is being repeatedly given to them for free.

I believe that a lot of ‘freebie seekers’ are people who do want to learn, but probably don’t have the money to buy, and will therefore forever stay in this category. However, as far as the lists built in the solo ads business are concerned – to say that ALL of the people on these lists are freebie seekers and are therefore not looking for the solutions that will work is simply an attempt to justify the whole idea of swapping useless gifts for something that is so much more precious – our subscribers’ time and trust.

The people who stay on our lists despite being bombarded countless times a day with the offers they cannot use, deserve at least some respect, if not admiration for their resilience and perseverance. It is up to us to see if we can find some gems in our lists, by establishing trust with them, and showing that they can actually make it work if they change their mindset and stop believing in the push-button “miracles” they are being repeatedly sold.

Ultimately, it all comes to trust, care and respect, and once we start showing to our subscribers that we truly care and respect them, I am sure that many of them WILL start listening to the message we are trying to convey, and trusting us too, in which case we’d better make sure that the message is the one worth hearing.

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